Operational Support

NZFS Operational Support in action
Operational Support Officers

An OSO is a crew member of the brigade who can perform a range of duties to assist fire crews at incidents covering a range of different tasks.

As they are not trained in breathing apparatus use the role is great for someone of a average level of fitness who either cannot or does not want to undertake a role in active fire fighting and the training required.

There will be a range of basic courses all OSO must complete and then an additional range of optional courses for those wishing to advance further, unless OSO have completed a relevant unit standard they are not allowed to operate in the area of operations covered by the unit standard.

OSO's will be required to attend Monday night training with the brigade. OSO's will be required to complete a basic level of training and unit standards before becoming operational.

Basic Training Standards OSO:
  • Health & Safety Course
  • Basic First Aid
  • Use of portable radios
  • Traffic management
  • Hose running and standpipe use

Second Level Training OSO:
  • Co-Responder Course
  • Chainsaw Course
  • Operation of Portable Pumps
  • Urban Search and Rescue Category 1 – Awareness (USAR Cat1A)

OSO's will be subject to the same recruitment and operational conditions and expectations of all members of the brigade.

OSO's will be required to live within the station turn out area unless and exception has been agreed by the CFO or DCFO.

OSO's will be issued with a pager and expected to respond to call outs like other crew.