Civil Defence

Muriwai Neighbourhood Response Plan
A Neighbourhood Response Plan (NRP) has been created for the Muriwai community.

When an emergency occurs, this plan will be activated by the community.

By developing a plan prior to potential events, the Muriwai community supports emergency services, utilities and welfare agencies who respond to emergencies in this area.

In preparation for surviving a civil emergency the community should undertake to be personally prepared by creating and practicing a household emergency plan and assembling and maintain a household emergency survival and get-a-way kits.

Civil Defence Community Response Group newsletters can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Muriwai Fire Station is the assembly and operations point for any Civil Defence emergency.  
For detailed information on our NRP, please download the .pdf files at the bottom of this page.

Information can also be found on the back page of the yellow pages or by visiting the website

Being Prepared
Visit Civil Defence's website for more information on being prepared - how you cope with a civil emergency will often come down to how well prepared you are... don't delay! Download the brochure on the bottom of this page.

Significant Threats to Muriwai
Hazards as prioritised by the community which pose a significant threat to Muriwai
· Cyclones/Storms
· Landslips
· Flooding/Road Closure
· Power Outages
· Fire
· Tidal Surges/ Tsunami

Muriwai Community Response Group Members
Joe Rangihuna – Muriwai Regional Parks 09 411 8765 / 027 509 5406
Marie Paulsen – Muriwai First Response 027213308 / 094118905
Phelan Pirrie – Muriwai VRFF 021 844 124
Andy Callaghan – Muriwai VRFF 021 634 306
Tena Kennedy – Muriwai First Response 09 411 9987 / 027 2482 999
Tim Jago – Muriwai Surf Lifesaving 021 0824 0694
Neil Reid – Muriwai Surf Lifesaving 09 411 8441 / 021 807 515

Evacuation Process

Civil Defence warnings to this area may be received by the following methods:
  • Phone call from Civil Defence to the Muriwai ERG coordinator;
  • Police and Emergency Services;
  • Muriwai ERG;
  • Warnings via radio;
  • PA systems on emergency services vehicles;
  • Text to subscribers to OPTN network.
NOTE: There is no civil defence or Tsunami siren system in Muriwai.

If evacuation is required
  • Prepare to activate your household emergency plan;
  • Locate your emergency ‘Getaway Kit’ (Refer to the back of the yellow pages as a guide);
  • Ensure your family is safe / take them with you;
  • Listen to your local radio station and follow instructions;
  • Activate your pre-determined telephone tree to warn others.
Auckland Radio Stations
  • National Radio AM 756 or FM 101.4
  • Newstalk ZB FM 89.4
  • Radio Live FM 100.6 or AM 702
  • More FM FM 91.8
  • Classic Hits FM 97.4
  • Times FM FM 88.9 or FM 97.8
  • Find out more: Ph 09 301 0101
  • Or visit

Tsunami warning
NOTE: There is currently NO Tsunami warning siren in operation in Muriwai
  • If you are in a low lying area and you feel an earthquake, evacuate immediately to higher ground.
  • Activate community phone tree and alert residents on all low lying area first
  • Move to high ground above sea level or pre-determined safe area/s away from the coast, 1km inland and up as high as possible
  • Unless otherwise advised evacuate to the Muriwai assembly point located at the Muriwai Fire Station

For all other emergencies
  • Follow the directions of emergency services
  • Assemble at the Welfare Centre with your emergency getaway kit as instructed by the Muriwai Emergency Response Team
  • Listen to your local radio station and follow instructions
  • All instructions given by the Emergency Services must be followed

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